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Chris Rosewarne, is a British concept artist and illustrator working in the film and television industry. His fast cinematic renderings and industrial prop designs have brought him to projects internationally from L.A. to London and many studios across Europe. Born in 1978 to artistic parents, Chris grew up in London and studied art at St. Martins College before graduating with a B.A Hons in Modelmaking for design and media in Bournemouth. In 2003 he was employed by Artem Visual Effects as a freelance modelmaker where he worked on the films "Reign Of Fire" and Terry Gilliam's "The Brothers Grimm". After four years as an industry prop-maker, Chris turned his attention to the art department and began work on the sci-fi cult game adaptation "Doom" where he applied his hands-on knowledge of machining, materials and workshop processes to the design of props and set dressing.

He has since worked on a wide range of productions, from making high-tech designs and atmospheric key-frames for “STAR WARS”, to realistic prop designs for “Mission Impossible Fallout”, and Tim Burton’s “Dumbo”. In 2012, Chris received an Emmy nomination for his work with Jellyfish Pictures for "Outstanding Special Visual Effects" on the series "Inside The Human Body".